Unique Vacloader for railway maintenance

DISA-RAIL 1700 is a powerful Vacloader for all types of vacuum work regarding railway maintenance. DISA-RAIL 1700 is easily mounted with quick couplers onto the Eco Rail MPC30 chassis, for flexible transport on road and rail.

Teamed with an excavator, you get a flexible machine system with high precision and capacity. With DISA-RAIL 1700, we minimize the track-bound time for railway maintenance and give more room for traffic.

11500 m3/h
Volvo Penta Stage V
175 kW
450 mbar vacuum
200 mm Suction Hose ⌀
7 m3 Loading Capacity


DISA-RAIL 1700 for Vacuum Precision

Operate all functions smoothly and monitor the result without leaving your seat. The nozzle is connected to the excavator quick coupler and in-cab radio control. You excavate and load materials with precision, positioning the nozzle exactly where you want, with the digging arm and rotor tilt.

When sucking material in tight spaces, you can also connect smaller hose dimensions to a hand-held nozzle.

Flexible handling of materials

Macadam, soil, clay, water, turf, dust and leaves - DISA-RAIL 1700 easily sucks up coarse and fine material for a dust-free work environment. Load large amounts of dry and wet masses in the same process, without emptying the tank in between.

Most of the load ends up in the material chamber. Dust and finer particles are passed on to the filter chamber, which can be emptied separately.

DISA-RAIL 1700 can be used for a variety of challenging tasks, such as:

  • Loading macadam from places hard to reach
  • Clearing cable ductings
  • Soaking up wet masses from wells
  • Sucking away dust when working in tunnels

Dust-free work environment

With DISA-RAIL 1700 you handle dusting materials with ease. You can also suck up dust pollution in the air, during work in tunnels. Even coarse material such as macadam contains large amounts of particles and dust. These can pose health risks and unnecessary stops, if spread to the environment.

With DISAB's proven air filtering technology, you soak up fine-grained and dusty materials very effectively. The filter cleaning is fully automatic during operation, as material falls to the bottom of the filter chamber.

Multi Purpose Chassis

Eco Rail MPC30 chassis has high flexibility and loading capacity. It is adapted for transport by road and rail and is quickly lifted on and off the track. The MPC30 can be adapted for different rail gauge and combined with other accessories such as grass mower container, dumper bucket, etc. For more information, see: www.ecorail.se.

Created by DISAB

DISA-RAIL 1700 is designed and developed by DISAB. We are a leading manufacturing company for high quality mobile, semi-mobile and stationary vacuum systems for the industrial market. Read more at disab.com.


Flexibility for Safety

DISA-RAIL 1700 makes railway maintenance efficient and safe. The vacuum machine is easily moved on and off the track, using the flexibility of the Eco Rail MPC30 chassis adapted for road and rail.


Vacuum suction and hose are operated smoothly and with great precision from the excavator cab. Material is sucked via a 200 mm hose into the material chamber. Use the radio transmitter to activate hydraulic side tipping and drain material.


Do you want to specialize your work process even more? DISA-RAIL 1700 can be equipped with extension tubes, manifolds with smaller vacuum connections or rubber-edged tubes. DISA-RAIL has powerful suction and can be used with longer hose, if necessary.