Unique, highly flexible vacuum

With DISA-RAIL 1700, we minimize rail maintenance time and make more room for trains. The vacuum is easily mounted with quick couplers on an ECORAIL rail trailer chassis (MPC 30) and can thus be transported by both road and rail. It can also handle various rail widths.

8000 m3/h
Volvo Diesel engine
168 kW
500 mbar vacuum
20 Tons total weight
10 Tons load weight


DISA-RAIL 1700: Flexible rail maintenance vacuum

DISA-RAIL 1700 is a unique, powerful vacuum, specially designed for rail maintenance. It is used to dig, clear cable conduits, extract wet matter from wells, remove dust in tunnel construction and more.

The vacuum nozzle and hose are held and handled smoothly with the excavator grapple or with a tool bracket (optional). This precision simplifies the entire work of the contractor while avoiding cable damage.

Multi Purpose Chassi

The Multi Purpose Chassi (MPC 30) from ECORAIL offers high flexibility and load capacity. The trailer enables speedy, smooth lifting on and off track near the work site thanks to frame control and hydraulic rail wheels – functionality that saves considerable time and money. For more information, see: www.ecorail.se.

Created by DISAB

DISA-RAIL 1700 was designed and developed by DISAB, a leading manufacturer of the highest quality mobile, semi-mobile and stationary vacuum systems for industrial applications. Read more at disab.com.



The unique mobility of the vacuum significantly streamlines train maintenance work. DISA-RAIL 1700 moves with ease on and off the track and on public roads. The ECORAIL MPC 30 is optimized for road transport, towed behind a tractor or truck.


Work is carried out with great precision through simple operation of the vacuum and hose. Vacuumed matter is transported through a 200 mm hose to the 7 cubic meter/10 ton filter chamber. The filter chamber is emptied by hydraulic side tip.


The DISA-RAIL 1700 can be equipped with alternative hose connections such as extension hoses, manifolds with smaller vacuum connections or a pipe connection with rubber nozzle, for simplicity and more specific application.